Shonishin: Japanese Pediatric Acupuncture

Shonishin: the art of non-inserted needling to treat children gently

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ISBN (Americas): 9783131500618

Shonishin: Japanese Pediatric Acupunctureaddresses the emerging interest in  needling to treat children gentlysafe, specialized, non-insertion acupuncture treatment options for infants and children. The only English language book available on the topic, it focuses on the most important feature in the treatment of children: patient-comfort. The author gives hands-on advice that can be easily integrated into clinical practice.

The text begins with an overview of the underlying principles of Shonishin and the special tools and needles used to gently press, tap, scratch, rub, and stroke the childs skin without penetrating it. The expert author then outlines root and symptomatic approaches and techniques, followed by detailed information on how to manage a wide range of specific problems and diseases. Shonishin is an excellent treatment option for common respiratory and digestive ailments.


  • In form of a practical workshop, the accompanying DVD (150 minutes) demonstrates how to do Shonishin
  • More than 40 cases from around the world cover which tools and methods work best for different patients, showing a range of treatment ideas, methods, and results available with the techniques described in the book
  • More than 100 illustrations, photos, and diagrams complement the text throughout
  • Numerous tips on how to pacify scared children and aggravated parents

This unique, user-friendly guide is a must-have for all acupuncturists, students and teachers of acupuncture as well as pediatricians who also use acupuncture -- regardless of style of practice. The basic treatment has the added advantage of being easily taught to parents so that they can use it regularly at home, thus increasing frequency of treatment and allowing parents to participate actively in the treatment of their children.